lundi 2 septembre 2013

Les vidéos mises en ligne (playlist)

Thanks for being patient.  This is really a game-changer.

I am glad to announce that the new payment system will be launching
Tue & Wed!

Why two days?  Well, it is because it will be done in stages.

We will be introducing overview videos etc over the next few days
as well.

The new system is very powerful and is a GLOBAL payment system.  We
expect Europe to be ready in 30 days.

Most countries will be available other than non United Nations
sanctioned countries which we rarely do business with anyway.

The current manual payment processors will still be available for
those that want to do it manually but we urge all members to use
the new system.


Instant marking as paid when someone pays you!

The new system will also be before someone joins which will stop
99% of the non payers from taking up space in the matrix. (Hurrah!)

It is a little learning curve as you would expect but once you dive
in, it will revolutionize your business.

We will be starting at the $25 level only.  Then once we see the
new programming works well, we will be moving to the other levels.

See you on the live call tonight.

UC Support

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